Who’s augusta?

Two days of wine fair and farmer market where you’ll find around producers from all over Italy and Europe who all share the same values and principles. On Sunday 10th and Monday 11th of November at Bunker, the underground heart of the city, Augusta will offer moments of exchange and celebration to both professionals and wine lovers. We will highlight a diversity of narration by enhancing all the different practices and philosophies about farming, interpreting the fruit, approaching the work, experiencing and understanding their own farming reality. Augusta will also host a bookshop, street food and a big party!

Augusta is the event that wants to pay
homage to Turin,
the city that 20 years ago was the landmark for the natural wine scene in Italy and a crucial crossroad for vignerons and wine drinkers of all Europe. The idea comes from Piero, event planner by day and natural wine enthusiast at night: the goal is to involve all those wine producers who made us fall in love with their wines first and then allowed us to see beyond the bottle so we could truly understand what it means “to farm” before “making wine”. Some are historic wine producers whose bottles have always been on the shelves of the city, others are marking the recent history of Turin’s drinking scene and others have not been seen or represented in Italy (yet).

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